Friday, January 30, 2015

I'm taking a poll

I heard a comment yesterday that made me simply cock my head and wonder, "Do people as a whole think what he just said?" No one was asking his opinion really. But now I am asking. 

In your opinion, how should a victim behave while being assaulted? Is there a right or wrong way to handle himeself/herself? Is there some skill that, if held by a victim, would stop an assault before it starts? 


  1. I would hope that I would fight. I would like to think I have some secret ninja skills that would thwart an attack. Yet I know history has proven me wrong more than once.

  2. A loaded question that I believe doesn't have a correct answer. I think the first thing they would do is survive, then try to figure out how to protect themselves in the future. During the assault I wouldn't say there is a right answer. Scream to hope to draw attention and the assailant would flee, kick-bite-fight, or try to remove yourself from there by mentally and go off to a happy place. None of these are right and none of these are wrong. How to survive the assault would depend on many things. As someone who hasn't been assaulted, I just know that whatever they chose to do, that is the right thing and after they survive the assault, then healing or justice seeking would be the next step


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